California State Tournament FAQ
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1998 California State Championships -- Rounds #1-8

Round #1
Round #2
Round #3
Round #4
Round #5
Round #6
Round #7
Round #8 (Final Round)

Post Round Spin Offs:

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Below was the pre-tournament FAQs:

The 1998 California State Air Hockey Tournament is scheduled for:


Saturday December 5th through Sunday December 6th


SAM'S Entertainment Center
Highway 50
Shingle Springs, CA 95682-8455
Phone: (530) 677-2273

SAM'S is about:

25 minutes East of Sacramento
50 minutes from Sacramento Airport
2 hours from Fremont, CA
2 1/2 hours from Reno, NV

Motel/Hotel - Closest Place to Stay:

Best Western / Cameron Park
3361 Coach Lane
Cameron Park, CA 95682
(916) 933-1164
Note: The Best Western is a rock throw away from SAM'S.

Main Event - Tournament Details:

Sign-up by 12:00 noon on Saturday (with option to sign up for Sunday "Doubles" as well.)

Tournament begins at 12:30pm on Saturday.

Entry Fees are:

Beginner / Unranked:   $10.00
Amateur:   $20.00
Expert:   $30.00
Pro (ProA & ProB):   $40.00
Master:   $50.00

"Swiss Style" tournament (everybody plays the same number of rounds -- predicted 8-9 rounds!)

"Double Elimination" bracket for ties after the main Swiss pairings are complete.

Cash prizes, based on entry fees, will be awarded for 1st-8th place.

Additional prizes to be announced!

Doubles - Tournament Details!!!

Standard USAA style "alternating partner" doubles tournament.

Pick your own doubles partner (not random pick.)

$10.00 per player ($20.00 per team) entry fee.

The "Doubles" tournament will use a standard "Double Elimination" chart.

Seeding will be based on a "random draw".

At the earliest, the doubles tournament will begin at 12:00 noon on Sunday. If the main tournament is not completed by 12:00 noon on Sunday, doubles will begin immediately AFTER the main tournament.