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Air Hockey Videos
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Roland Goes Back to School!

I thought that the TechTV video (below) would always be at the top of this page, but when George Anderson sent me this video of Mike Roland at his promotional best -- and I had to place this at the top.  Please, take the time to download and watch this video segment.  You'll be blown away!

Roland, as he prefers to be called, has been promoting Air Hockey in Monterey county for a few years now.  In his efforts to draw attention to this sport, he actually went to an Elementary School assembly meeting filled with teachers, parents and hundreds of students, to present the winner, fourth grader Mohamed Ragab, a huge trophy for winning Roland's Annual Junior Division tournament.

The response from the hundreds of elementary school students is so incredible -- You simply have to see it to believe it.  George apologies that he didn't have his tripod, and had to shoot this video by hand.  The video is indeed shaky, but it doesn't distract from the significance of Roland's accomplishments.

Update:  If you can't view this video (incompatible system or insufficient speed) I've included this transcript.  Please enjoy the read!

To Roland:  I've never been more inspired.  The goodness you bring to children and the competition you provide us "old folks" makes me proud to know you, and proud to live in California.  Thank you, so much for everything you do.   - D. Gray

Roland Goes to School Video (7.59MB) <---- A must see!!!
Download Windows Media Viewer 7.0

TechTV "Internet Tonight" Segment - MPeG-2 Video
Film courtesy of TechTV (formerly ZDTV).  MPeG-2 compression by DaX

Here's a super-high quality presentation of a TechTV (formerly ZDTV) "Internet Tonight" segment involving Professional Air Hockey.  This segment originally aired in December of 1999 and was re-aired in September of 2000.  Filming took place at Sam's Entertainment Center during the 1999 California State tournament.  Interviewees include George Anderson, Wil Upchurch and myself, as TechTV narration takes the viewer through Professional Air Hockey and the World Wide Web.

About this video:

This is not a typical Internet based video.  It was digitally pulled and compressed using a high-quality MPeG-2 encoder board.  This is the same video format found on modern DVDs and VideoDiscs.  Because of the high-quality and the length of the segment, this video is over 100MB in size.  Broadband downloading (via DSL, Cable, T1, etc.) is strongly recommended.

Viewing this video:

In order to view this video, you must have MPeG-2 Video decompression software installed on your machine.  All modern software DVD players support this compression type.  I placed links to the major software DVD sites below the video.  From each location, you can download "trial" software and should be able to view the video.  To view, simply "Open" the file from the DVD software.  You won't believe the quality!    Note:  You do NOT have to have an actual DVD drive on your computer to view this video!

You either need a beefy machine (Pentium II or better) and a fast 2-D graphics card.  For best results, a video board with DVD Hardware Assist, such as the Voodoo 3000-5000 series or Riva TNT based boards will provide remarkable frame-rate, audio and clarity.

Tech-TV Internet Tonight Video - Featuring Professional Air Hockey  (Warning:  108 MB)

Intervideo - WinDVD (Free Download)

Cyberlink - PowerDVD (Free Download)

2000 Texas State Open
Film/Compression by George Anderson

Here are three sets of amazing Windows Media videos from the 2000 Texas State Open tournament.  The videos have been encoded at a medium quality, but the frame rate is excellent, the visuals are steady and the sound is very good.  Check 'em out, and see for the first time on the World Wide Web what Air Hockey is all about!

        Download Windows Media Viewer

Jose Mora vs. Danny Hynes Jose Mora vs. Jimmy Heilander Danny Hynes vs. Jimmy Heilander

Championship Game 1 (1.96MB)

Winner's Bracket Game 1 (6.31MB) Loser's Bracket Game 1 (3.22MB)

Championship Game 2 (4.29MB)

Winner's Bracket Game 2 (4.84MB) Loser's Bracket Game 2 (7.14MB)

Championship Game 3 (3.63MB)

Winner's Bracket Game 3 (4.21MB) Loser's Bracket Game 3 (5.65MB)

Championship Game 4 (1.83MB)

Winner's Bracket Game 4 (4.74MB) Loser's Bracket Game 4 (6.49MB)

Championship Game 5 (2.52MB)

Winner's Bracket Game 5 (4.33MB) Loser's Bracket Game 5 (6.37MB)

Championship Game 6 (2.30MB)

Winner's Bracket Game 6 (7.50MB) Loser's Bracket Game 6 (8.63MB)


Tim Weisman vs. Danny Hynes
(loser takes 4th)

Ehab Shoukry vs. Tim Weissman
(loser takes 5th)

Game 1 (2.09MB) Game 2 (7.10MB)
Game 2 (9.48MB) Game 3 (7.64MB)
Game 3a (10.2MB) Game 4 (8.80MB)
Game 3b (3.9MB) Game 5 (5.57MB)
Game 4 (8.31MB) Game 6 (7.94MB)
Game 5 (9.07MB)

Note:  Game #1 of this match was not taped

Game 6 (5.48MB)
Game 7 (7.01MB)